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Finding time to treat yourself to nice facial masks can be hard. Now everyone’s schedule is packed to the brim that even sleep has become difficult to squeeze in. So where do you fit in the pampering? Anytime you can, but we have a few suggestions to when you can fit in that much-needed skin time.

Before Bed

We know you have heard this before. Let us specify, 20 minutes before you normally get ready for bed. Go cleanse your face, apply a mask, and then go about whatever you were doing. When it’s time for bed remove the mask, apply your moisturizer, brush your teeth and head into the covers.

While Cooking

Some say cooking can soothe the soul. Well, how about while soothing the soul you also sooth your pores? Cooking is the perfect time for you multitaskers to get in some skin treatment. While you are prepping for the week or making breakfast before work, apply a quick mask.

While Binge Watching your Favorite Show

Have you ever found yourself on your couch watching the hours go by while you are indulging in the latest episode of This is Us? Why not squeeze in that mask time during your binging time. Honestly, we think this is the best time to wear a mask and relax.


Now that you have three times where you can make time for masking, which masks do you choose? Let’s determine your goals first. Is your skin feeling dry, dull and tired? Then you need a mask that is full of vitamins and nutrients to moisturize and brighten your skin. Our mask, Revive: multi-vitamin recovery, is perfect for this. If you are having breakouts and can feel the stress radiating from your skin, we have a mask for that too. Renew: volcanic mud mask has soothing botanicals to refresh your skin and help clear those breakouts.

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